COMPACT Semi Dwarf Frangipanis (pg. 16)

Ideal for pots, very small yards low hedges and more.

The "COMPACTS" are an entirely different and new type of frangipani which Sacred Garden frangipanis specialize in.

These new "COMPACTS'' are mostly hybrids of the dwarf variety Penang Peach.

"Compacts" grow no taller than 2m and no wider than 2.5m They are very robust with unusually thick short branches and thick almost rounded leaves.

They have very large well rounded, highly fragrant flowers in huge soccer ball sized flower bunches.

The foliage foliage is very dense and the plants are naturally shaped like a well trained standard or ball making them ideal for pots, very small yards low hedges etc. They are available in a wide range of flower colors.


COMPACT Semi Dwarf

A very beautiful new cultivar from USA. A superb semi dwarf to medium sized landscaping frangipani  tree with gorgeous flowers bred by Luc Vanoorbeeck, a highly regarded frangipani breeder from Florida USA., who also bred  cv. Abigail. CV.

Brittney is a seedling from Abigail and could be described as a  semi dwarf, even more compact form of Abigail with slightly darker colored flowers.

Medium to large flowers in large tight bunches with very round and overlapping petals. Huge flower heads. Broad and well rounded flower petals fold back in a pincushion shape. Deep pink and white with  dark maroon throat.

Lovely perfume. A truly beautiful world class frangipani cultivar. Special Limited release.

$ 150.00 SOLD OUT


Darwin Blues

COMPACT Semi Dwarf


A lovely new rare lilac /lavender coloured frangipani.
A very rare semi dwarf variety with lilac coloured flowers.
2m – 3m max height.


Darwin Blues Frangipani Plumeria


COMPACT Semi Dwarf

A very beautiful and feminine frangipani (plumeria) variety bred by Jack Ingerswen. Medium sized flowers. 

Awesome compact frangipani to 2m. Gorgeous.





COMPACT Semi Dwarf

Franciose is a very popular compact semi dwarf frangipani tree (to 2m ) in the USA.    Ideal for pots and small gardens. Excellent perfume.



Gina / Jeena

COMPACT Semi Dwarf

Gina (aka Jeena) is the worlds most outstanding frangipani!  I was simply bowled over when I first saw it! Gina has by far the most WOW factor of any frangipani in the world today!

The huge (100mm + ) flowers start off a deep burgundy red (cf. photo 1), then fade to bright crimson red (cf. photo 2) then finally fade to an equally stunning burnt orange red (photo 3).

Soccer ball sized flower heads on a compact /robust semi dwarf tree to 2.5 x 2.5m.

The rolled petal edges form a orange to cream colored raised lip which frames the intense colour sensationally. Flower bunches are very large.

Bred by famed American master frangipani breeder Mr. Jack Ingwersen who also bred Jacks purple and J105.  Named after Jacks daughter. Excellent perfume.

This new world's best frangipani cultivar is very rare!
Limited release.



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J105 - Semi Dwarf

COMPACT Semi Dwarf

J105 (Jacks 105) is one of the best frangipanis in the world. Large awesome flowers are abundant all over a well shaped compact semi dwarf tree.

A dense crowned compact semi dwarf tree growing to 2m x 2m max. Huge 4" flowers of excellent color, patternation, shape and perfume. An exceptional frangipani for large pots or as a small main feature tree in the garden landscape or low border hedges/screens.

A stunning newly imported frangipani hybrid. Exceptional colors, pattern, petal shape, flower size and petal texture. Rare!




COMPACT Semi Dwarf

J23 has major WOW factor.  A dense crowned, compact semi dwarf tree growing from 1.5 -2m max.

Very large soccer ball sized flower heads with large 3 1/2" flowers of strong pink tones in various shades. Beautifully shaped flowers and excellent perfume.

An exceptional frangipani for large pots and as small feature trees in the garden landscape.


Jacandy Lou

- NEW Release 2016/17 -

Jacandy Lou - a very unusual striated/striped Penang Peach seedling named in honour of two lifelong friends - Mandy Bodman and Jacquie Irwin - whose friendship is as vibrant as this stunning flower.

Excellent perfume. 2m x2m

$92.00 SOLD OUT

Jacandy Lou Frangipani


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