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Sexy Sansevieras

SansevieraSansevierias have in recent times once again become very popular plants.

Commonly called "Mother in Laws Tongues" many species of the Sansevieria  genus are very rare in Australia.

There are many new and beautifully sculptural succulent ornamental foliage

Sansevieria plants which we at Sacred Garden have collected  from around the world or bred ourselves.

Why Sansevierias are so popular

Sansevierias come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. They are becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to the many  excellent horticultural qualities that the best varieties possess as listed below:

  • Vey waterwise / drought tolerant
  • Grow well in all light conditions - indoors /outdoors, shade, semi shade or full sun
  • Bomb proof - very hardy, few pests and diseases
  • excellent cut foliage for floristry
  • beautiful variagated foliage which gives a tropical look yet needs little or no water once extablished.
  • Large range of shapes, sizes and colors in foliage
  • Perfumed flowers
  • Fire resistant
  • Excellent boundary in mass plantings as the thick fleshy succulent leaves are very effective as fire retarding and recover from fire very quickly  


Sansevieras = Status Symbol

Sansevieria's have become the next / new best thing, particularly in  SE Asia and USA. 

The very rare Sansevieria species and cultivars have become something of a status symbol amongst wealthy gardeners around the world.


Australia's only specialist Sansevieria nursery

Sacred Garden is developing Australia's only specialist Sansevieria nursery and will continue to offer many new Sansevierias in the near future.

We have visited a number of different Sansevieria collectors and specialist Sansevieria nurseries abroad, where Sansevierias are beautifully displayed in glazed ceramic pots or used exclusively in feature garden landscapes.

Sansevieras instead of Bromeliads

We believe that Sansevierias can be utilised in the same way as Bromeliads and are equally beautiful.  

We prefer Sansevieria as there is a greater variety of plant shape/form, they are far more hardy, require far less water and do not create breeding environments for mosquitos as many Bromeliads do.

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