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Over the years , Steven Prowse of Sacred Garden Frangipanis has bred many new, world class frangipani hybrids....


Arya Regan

New Release 2017/18

Beautiful bright color with excellent perfume. A Sacred Garden Frangipani’s Ban Yen seedling named in honor of Arya Regan McVeigh whose radiance and tenacity of spirit is reflected in these glorious blooms.
Limited release



Callista’s Pink Frost

Everyone at Sacred Garden Frangipanis considers this new cultivar of ours as our best hybrid ever.  

The flowers are huge at approx 100mm across. The colors are very strong and clean. Excellent perfume.  Named in honor of Darcy Callista Meldrum by her mum, Donna. A world class winner. Extreme WOW factor.

Very limited release.

$202.00 SOLD OUT


Dantes Fire

Dantes's Fire is an exceptionally beautiful new hybrid from Sacred Garden. Large flowers in very large bunches of hot cherry red with exceptional perfume.  

The color of these flowers glows.   Named in honor of Tyler Jared Dante Meldrum by mum, Donna.


Joyce Isabelle

New Release 2017/18

A very special Sacred Garden Frangipanis cv. of Aidan Prowse parentage – same unusual color combination as cv. Aidan Prowse but with massive flowers.

This new world class frangipani was named by a long time repeat customer of ours, Faye Baloglow, who loves frangipani’s, in honor of a special Aunt, celebrating her 96th birthday this year.

Limited release

$100.00 SOLD OUT


Kieran Prowse (Evergreen)


Kieran Prowse is an exceptionally beautiful and unique semi dwarf evergreen tree with large 70mm, completely butter yellow flowers and very dark green    glossy foliage. Excellent perfume.

Named after our son Kieran. A Sacred Garden hybrid from P. tuberculata. An upright growing shrub to 2m. Ideal for screens and pots.    Highly rust resistant. Very limited release.



Margaret Veitch

New Release 2017/18

A Sacred Garden Frangipanis seedling of Sangwal Tab Tim parentage with very round overlapping petals. Very beautiful. Named in honor of a beautiful aged grandmother who loves flowers by her grandchildren.
Limited release



Sacred Garden Giant

One of our best hybrids. Gorgeous huge flowers 12cm across. Biggest fruit salad type with rich darker colors and broader petals than other fruitsalad types. World class.



SG Annie Prowse (Evergreen)

Evergreen, compact semi dwarf. Rust free.

SG Annie Prowse is a new world class evergreen frangipani of our own breeding, named after my beautiful wife. The flowers are huge at 4-5" with very strong and sweet perfume.

The flowers are very similar to cv. Angel Of Love but have a much stronger perfume.

 A compact shrub 2.5m high x 3m wide.

A Plumeria caracasana x P. obtusa x it is a very robust, very cold tolerant, rust free evergreen. Exceptional small feature tree ideal for landscapers.

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis.  


SG ‘Golden Bouquet’ (Evergreen)

- NEW Release 2016/17 -

Another stunning Plumeria caracasana hybrid. A truly gorgeous rust free tree with huge almost completely golden yellow perfumed flowers in big bunches.

The caracasana hybrids are our favourite frangipanis.

This is the worlds first pure yellow perfumed caracasana hybrid which complements the other worlds best caracasana hybrids – SG Annie Prowse, Pink San Germain, Pink Isabella, Linda Ross & Angel of Love.

Very rare. Very special.

Truly beautiful flowers , foliage and form.


SG Golden Bouquet Plumeria

SG Isabella Yau

Undoubtedly one of the best  recently bred P. rubra hybrids in the world. This very rare new hybrid of our own breeding has huge flowers in huge bunches. A hybrid of Kimi Moragne (aka Grainy Rorong) parentage.

Unusual patternation changes with the age of the flowers  producing what appears to be 2 equally beautiful and unusual varieties of flowers on the same tree.

Robust tree. Excellent perfume.

Named by Mr. Alan Yau of Perth WA. in honour of his daughter Isabella.

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis

$152.00 SOLD OUT


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Isabella Yau - New Flowers

PlumeriaIsabella Yau - Older Flowers

SG ‘John Stowar’ (Evergreen)

- NEW Release 2016/17 -

A new multi coloured caracasana hybrid of ours. Rust free graceful foliage, beautiful large perfumed, pale pink, dark pink, white and yellow flowers.

Named in honour of John Stowar, a true gentleman,TV personality and co- author of the Australian frangipani book –Frangipani – by John Stowar, Linda Ross and Lorna Rose.

A beautiful caracasana hybrid.


SG John Stowar Plumeria

Puditusa ''Linda Ross" (Evergreen)


Like our other rare puditusa hybrids our new hybrid Linda Ross is a very beautiful small upright growing evergreen frangipani with big flowers and excellent perfume and glossy dark green foliage which are cold tolerant and rust resistant.

Puditusa Linda Ross has the biggest and most colorful puditusa flowers.  Flowers are pure mid pink with red eye which slowly fade to white.

Flowers are held in tight bunches. The underside of the foliage is often tinged with purple. Upright growing to 2. 5m tall x 1. 5m wide.

Excellent for western facing wall summer screens in cooler climates as it may not stay evergreen in cooler climes. Ideal for pots.

Named in honor of Linda Ross, well known television and radio gardening celebrity and Landscape Architect. Co author of the book 'Frangipani' . A self confessed ''frangipaniphile'.

Limited release.


SG puditusa cv Sacred Love (Evergreen)

Evergreen, compact semi dwarf, rust free.  

Sacred Love is our latest and best puditusa hybrid. 2m x 2m large evergreen shrub with very beautiful foliage.

The very beautiful flowers are the purest white 3inches across with unusual twisted petals in massive soccer ball sized bunches. The perfume is one of the sweetest and strongest of all frangipanis. Very cold tolerant.

World class, very special, gorgeous. A personal favourite.

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis.  


SG Scarlet Beauty

The most outstanding dark red frangipani we have ever seen! A seedling from Dwarf Cherry Clusters tree growing next to a Scott Pratt tree.

Vibrant dark red/scarlet flowers in profusion! Serious WOW factor. Stunning!

$102.00 SOLD OUT


Sweet Bouquet (Evergreen)

Plumeria caracasana cv. Sweet Bouquet is a gorgeous small tree with huge 4 inch flowers which are highly perfumed. Much bigger flower and stronger perfumed flowers than SG Perfumed Caracasana.

cv. Sweet Bouquet is by far the worlds best perfumed white flowered caracasana. Very special white flowered evergreen. Rust resitant, large long graceful foliage.

The flower petals roll back (reflex) strongly producing cushion shaped flowers which have an unusuallime green tinted bright yellow eye and a very rare lime green centre and throat. A most unusual and beautiful flower.

Very rare imported variety.


Sacred Garden White Orchid

THE WORLDS BEST pure white frangipani. Very large purest white flowers up to 5 inches across with strong lemon gold large centre. The petals are entirely round and deeply overlapping, a most desirable quality in well bred frangipani flowers.

The flowers are in large bunches and held erect. Excellent perfume. Fine petal texture, strong non sagging flowers with pronounced lip.

This cv. sets the standard for all white frangipanis. We are very proud of this exceptional new hybrid cultivar of ours!

Limited availability.


Shirley May

cv.Shirley May is a world class frangipani with large hot pink flowers in large bunches, with excellent perfume on a medium sized robust tree. A superior pink.

Named by Ron Dunn after his late wife Shirley May. Ron and Shirley were married for 53 years.



Stella Grace

is an exceptionally beautiful new hybrid of Vera Cruz Rose parentage. The large flowers are borne in huge bunches on unusually long hanging stems. The flower colour is tantalising – a pure vibrant cerise with orange undertones. The perfume is just like a good red rose.

Named in honour of Stella Grace Fox. As a keen gardener, Stella brought with her a love of roses when she came to Australia as a war bride in 1946.

“Stella Grace” evokes the perfume of a red rose. This world class new release was named by her family to celebrate her 92nd birthday.

Limited release.


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