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Our Mission is to fill the earth with beautiful perfumed frangipani trees.

For over 20 years we, at Sacred Garden Frangipanis have been collecting frangipani from the remote areas of tropical Australia, the Torres Strait Islands, Melanesia, India, Hawaii, USA, Carribean Islands, Central Americas and South East Asia.

A Unique Collection of Frangipani

We are longest running specialist frangipani nursery in Australia and have Australia's largest collection of the world's best frangipani varieties, evergreen frangipanis and dwarf frangipanis.

In 1988 we bought our property, which is named "Sacred Garden" and planted it out with our unique collection of frangipani.

This was the beginning of Sacred Garden Frangipani. Our passion for these beautiful, sacred plants has developed into our business.

We deliver to Perth - Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney - Regional Australia & Worldwide

Several years ago we started collecting and importing rare and superior frangipani cultivars and wild species from around the world.

We also have our own breeding programs, producing our own unique, world class varieties which we make available to other frangipani lovers around the world via our mail order service.

Today, our frangipani farm is 1 1/2 hrs west of Queensland's famous Coral Coast & Cairns.

Hundreds of Varieties - and a Focus on Dwarf Frangipani

With many hundreds of frangipani varieties and thousands of plants on our 75 acre property, Sacred Garden Frangipanis has grown out of our love of frangipanis and our private collection to become Australias largest and best specialist frangipani nursery.

We only offer the very best frangipani cultivars - all of world class standards.

You can be assured that all the varieties we offer are the best varieties of the highest breeding standards available in the world today! All truly magnificent floral treasures.

We are particularly focused on breeding superior varieties of dwarf frangipani for pot culture /container gardens.

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Plumeria /Frangipani Breeders Roll of honour

  • Mr. Bill Moragne (Hawaii)
  • Dr. Richard Criley (Hawaii)
  • Mr. Jim Little (Hawaii)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Thornton (USA)
  • Mr. Jack Ingwersen (USA/Thailand)
  • Dr. Kukiat Tanteeratarm (Thailand)
  • Mr. Sunchai Jenakom (Thailand)

These  people, whose names are listed above are the modern pioneers whose Plumeria/frangipani breeding work has resulted in the renewed worldwide interest and   a popular modern renaissance of  the sacred frangipani/Plumeria  today.

These dedicated breeders have introduced to the world the superior world class varieties that we frangipani/Plumeria lovers  are now enjoying with much appreciation.

It is in recognition of their truly remarkable work that we at Sacred Garden Frangipanis acknowledge their efforts with humility and gratitude.

Exporting Frangipani to Hawaii, USA and France

We love our frangipani and are proud of our world class varieties. Our biggest market is still Australia - we deliver to Perth, Brisbane and Sydney & Melbourne and of course to your home!

Over the last few years we have become well known to collectors and specialist nurseries around the world and have been exporting our frangipani’s in bulk to Hawaii, USA and France.

It is with great pleasure (and hard work) that we continue to introduce into Australia, only the worlds very best frangipani varieties !

Peace and love from the Coral Coast / Cairns,

Steven, Anne, Aidan and Kieran Prowse

Sacred Garden Frangipanis



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Sacred Garden Frangipanis - A trading name of Drought Proof Plants
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Our frangipani farm is 1 1/2 hrs west of Queensland's famous Coral Coast & Cairns -

Australia's biggest range of the world's best frangipani varieties 

Delivering to all capital cities including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and all areas of regional Australia.


‘Paradise was and STILL IS The divine plan’


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