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Sacred Garden Frangipani's has the largest collection of rare wild Frangipani (Plumeria species) in Australia. These are mostly very rare species offered for the first time.

All of these species are evergreen/non-deciduous and are resistant to the Frangipani pests and diseases. Some species are available in limited supply only. Please check availability before ordering.

Plumeria bahamiensis

(Dwarf Evergreen)

A very rare species reported to be extinct in its native habitat in the Bahamas. This is a beautiful evergreen shrub/small tree which looks like Plumeria obtusa due to its beautiful glossy obtuse foliage. The habit is upright and neat with large pure white scented flowers.

Rust free. Most cold hardy evergreen. Exceptional landscaping species.

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Plumeria obtusa

The beautiful Singapore white or Evergreen white.

Prone to rust. Only evergreen in hot coastal tropics. Semi deciduous during winter in subtropics. Deciduous during winter in cool climates.



Plumeria pudica (semi dwarf evergreen)

Frangipani(variety Bridal Bouquet). Large shrub to 4m with thin branches and narrow upright growth habit. This plant has unusual spoon shaped glossy green leaves and large flowers.

No perfume but flowers abundantly all year round in warmer climates.

Excellent for hedges. A fairly new import.  Rust free.





Plumeria stenopetala (dwarf evergreen)

A most beautiful and unusual frangipani shrub. Thin branches in strongly weeping habit and spider like flowers smelling of Carnations. This is the true species - very rare!

Highly rust resistant.


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Plumeria tuberculata
(semi dwarf evergreen)

A highly ornamental upright evergreen shrub with spearhead shaped elongated leaves.

The flowers are very large 4 -5", stunning pure white spider like flowers which are highly perfumed. A rare and beautiful frangipani species.

Highly rust resistant.



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