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Frangipani cuttings for sale (rooted)


Plant Sizes

All of our frangipani plants are rooted, – either rooted cuttings or grafted - sent out in excellent condition and are very well packed.

The size of the plants sent will vary depending on the variety and stock available at time of purchase. Generally they range in size from 20 cm – 50 cm.

No nurseries offer a refund for healthy plants that leave the nursery in excellent condition and are well packed,- which later die.

Sacred Garden Frangipanis is no different to other nurseries in this regard.

Prior to receiving your plants please read the ‘Growing Advice’ page on our website for advice on caring for your plants.


Plants are packed and dispatched every Monday.  



WA / TAS customers only:

A minimum plants purchase order of $100.00 is required
+ $40.00 Express postage + $90.00 DPI inspection fee.

All WA & TAS orders need to be sent Express Post and must have a DPI phytosanitary inspection & certificate sent with plants.


All WA/Tas orders over $600.00 receive FOC Express Post and DPI inspection


The frangipani flower is Mother Nature's symbol of perfection.

The frangipani tree, its flowers and perfume, invoke deeply within us, subconcious memories of paradise, peace, tranquility and perfection. The frangipani is therefore sacred and healing.

This is the reason for its resurgence in popularity in these overtly busy and complex modern times.


About Australian Frangipani / Plumeria

Australia has many unique frangipani varieties which are found nowhere else including many rare and unusual varieties which where originally introduced to the remote wilderness areas of tropical Australia by early Christian missionaries from Polynesia and Melanesia.

We at Sacred Garden have been collecting the best and rarest Australian frangipani varieties for over 20 years. In recent years we have been importing the best frangipani varieties and wild species from around the world as well as breeding our own unique varieties.

Frangipanis are extremely drought, fire and salt tolerant. The wild frangipani species (Plumeria spp) are all evergreen plants.

Sacred Garden Frangipanis has the biggest collection of evergreen frangipani species in Australia and offers our customers the worlds best ornamental evergreen species - these are exceptional landscaping plants.


About the name "Frangipani"

Frangipani is the most common name for Plumeria in Australia. In most other English language speaking parts of the world, frangipani are called Plumeria. Plumeria is the botanically correct name.

The name frangipani is an English derivative of the French name Frangipanier. The common old English name was "nosegay". And what a delight to the nose it is in hot weather when the multitude of fragrant blooms fill the air with it's heady perfume.

The botanical name for frangipani is Plumeria, named in honour of French botanist and explorer Charles Plumier, 1646 – 1706, who studied the frangipani and introduced it into cultivation in Europe. All frangipani, the many cultivated varieties and the wild species belong to the genus Plumeria.


Safe Online Ordering

We are a family owned specialist mail order nursery, servicing our customers worldwide, with the best Frangipani and varieties delivered to your door.

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Angel's Trumpets and Sanseviera

Our website is constantly being updated as new varieties become available. We are also Australia’s longest running specialist breeders of Brugmansia - the Angel's Trumpets. We also offer other rare plants from our Sacred Garden collection, particularly rare Sansevieria species.



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We hereby acknowledge and thank the following persons for their kind consent in allowing us to use their pictures.

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  • Maui Plumeria Garden - Hawaii

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