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Steven & some of the large landscaping sized frangipani trees in tubs

In recent years, many new modern and superior frangipani hybrids have been created. 

The world's best frangipani hybrids and rare species now come in a wide range  of  plant /tree sizes and shapes (not just flower size, colour and perfume) making the modern frangipani hybrids ideal for all landscape design applications.

"Frangipani only" Gardens

In SE Asia and USA one can now be thrilled by beautiful landscaped gardens utilising  only frangipani plants.

Frangipanis - Dwarfs to big trees

Plant range from low spreading dwarf evergreen ground cover frangipanis  to compact dwarf shrubs, upright  pine tree shaped growing frangipanis, all the way to fully sized big growing trees.

This section of our website is designed to help landscaper designers and gardeners understand the wide range of  frangipani plant types now available for all applications within a well structured landscape  and designed garden.


Sacred Garden Frangipanis offers advanced sized frangipani, shrubs and trees

POA vary according to plant sizes and varieties. Advanced potted plants can be delivered anywhere in Australia except WA and Tasmania. Please contact us via email.


The Perfect Garden - using Frangipanis only...

... is now possible with our extensive range of dwarf, semi dwarf, compact, small and large growing evergreen & deciduous frangipanis.


Frangipani Shapres and Sizes

Frangipani shrub and tree data                                                    

 Due to modern breeding  and the collection of a greater selection of Plumeria species, frangipani plants can now be classified as follows:


Deciduous Frangipanis

Deciduous frangipanis are the most well known as most of the coloured frangipani flower tree are deciduous. Deciduous frangipani trees shed their leaves during winter allowing warm winter sun to shine through. In spring they start flowering, providing semi shade and flowers, then throughout summer they provide dense shade, flowers and perfume.

Deciduous frangipani  are ideal for planting in all areas where winter sun and summer shade are required.  


Evergreen Frangipanis

Evergreen frangipanis offer year round foliage in warm climate areas. Some evergreen types are very cold tolerant and will stay evergreen even in cool climates.

Most of the evergreen frangipanis have exceptionally beautiful foliage which is a fabulous ornamental feature even when not in  flower.  


Variegated Frangipanis

There are now evergreen and deciduous frangipanis available which have beautifully variegated foliage.  


Low spreading dwarf frangipanis

Small shrub, 1 - 1.5 m high x 2 -3 m wide.  Low spreading dwarf frangipanis are rare but 2 evergreen species, Plumeria stenophylla fm "nana"  and Plumeria stenopetala are both exceptional low growing ground cover prostate hedge plants with exceptional foliage and perfume.


Compact dwarf frangipanis

Small shrub 1 -1.5m x 1 -1.5m compact types, generally have naturally round shapes e.g. same height and width. Natural standards. Exceptional landscaping feature plants requiring now pruning/shaping. Available in evergreen and deciduous forms.  


Compact semi dwarf frangipanis

Medium sized shrub 2m high x 2 -2.5 m wide. Semi dwarfs grow bigger than dwarfs up to 2 m high. Compact semi dwarfs are exceptional landscaping plants. Available in deciduous and evergreen forms.

The deciduous types generally have the most outstanding WOW factor flowers.  


Upright growing semi dwarf frangipanis

Tall, narrow shrub 2.5 -3m high x 1.5 -2m wide.

A unique and valuable group of frangipanis which grow like pine trees being tall and narrow. Ideal for creating living screens, fences, ect.

All of the frangipanis in this group are evergreen.


Semi dwarf frangipanis

Small to medium sized tree. 3m high x 3.5 - 4m wide.

Semi dwarf trees are bigger than compact semi dwarf types. Exceptional larger frangipani trees for urban yards and street scapes, large planter boxes etc.

Available in evergreen and deciduous types.  


Full sized frangipanis

Large trees 4.5 - 6 m high x 7 -9 m wide.

Big trees for open spaces and urban gardens). The biggest growing frangipani trees are usually the fastest growing.  Most of the deciduous frangipanis with coloured flowered belong to this group.

Frangipani trees respond very well to pruning, therefore these types can still be planted in urban gardens, street scapes and even large tubs.

Pruning after flowering induces heavy branching and therefore results in a more dense crown, compact growth and much heavier flowering the following season.

Frangipani trees are  semi softwood plants with soft, relatively small root systems which are generally not problematic to concrete, paving, pools, ponds, drains or large pots.  


The Worlds best new Evergreen frangipani hybrids

Frangipanis have long been a favourite plant of gardeners in all regions of the world due to their exquisitely perfumed and colored flowers, form and drought and salt tolerance.

The main drawbacks preventing them from being one of the biggest major nursery plants worldwide are as follows: Mostly deciduous cultivars, cold climate intolerance, large tree size, prone to rust diseases.


Cold tolerant, rust resistant and fast growing evergreen frangipanis

Recent breakthroughs in selective breeding has overcome all of these drawbacks. Cold tolerant, rust resistant, fast growing evergreen frangipanis in a range of plant sizes and flower colors are now available for the first time in horticultural history.

These new evergreen frangipani hybrids have been bred from a wide range of wild Plumeria species and therefore come in with many different leaf shapes and plant sizes ranging from dwarfs (1m ) semi dwarfs (1.5m -2m) intermediate small trees (2 .5 -3m) up to the typically large frangipani trees(4m -8m ).

These new evergreen cultivars are destined to become amongst the most popular ornamental plants in the world.


Singapore obtusa not cold tolerant

Until recently the most popular evergreen frangipani in the world has been the Singapore obtusa which is not at all cold tolerant, has white flowers, is prone to rust and grows into a large tree.

However, there are now many dwarf and semi dwarf Singapore obtus hybrids in an extensive range of flower colors. All are prone to rust.

Non are evergreen outside of the hot coastal tropics. In the subtropics P.obtusa and its hybrids are all semi deciduous during winter, although in sheltered hot sunny positions they may remain fully evergreen during winter, particularly the semi dwarf hybrids which are more vigorous than the dwarf hybrids.

For an identical but semi dwarf singapore obtusa which is extremely cold, frost hardy and completely rust free we highly reccommend Plumeria bahamiensis.

Very few of the wild frangipani (Plumeria sp) species have been popularized in ornamental horticulture despite having many admirable qualities. These wild species have been rare in horticulture.


Rust immunity in frangipanis

We have observed three different degrees of rust immunity in the various rust immune frangipanis: rust resistant, highly rust resistant and rust free

Rust resistant - means that these frangipanis are mostly rust free and rust while usually present in the rust season is minor unless the plant becomes stressed such as in cold wet conditions.

Highly Rust resistant - means that the plants is always almost completely rust free and not at all noticeable unless you closely look for it. A very high degree of rust immunity.

Rust free - means that these plants are completely immune to rust spores and infection with no rust spores to be found on leaves even when searching closely for any signs of rust spore.  


Breeding colors into wild evergreen Plumeria

Australian nurseryman, Steven Prowse, owner of world renowned frangipani nursery, Sacred Garden Frangipanis, and a world leading breeder of evergreen frangipanis, has collected the worlds best evergreen frangipani cultivars and rare wild Plumeria species for his breeding stock genepool.

Breeding colors into the wild evergreen Plumeria species has been the most important work as all of the wild evergreen Plumeria species have white flowers.

Singapore obtusa and its hybrids

Singapore obtusa is the most common evergreen frangipani. It has beautiful dark green glossy foliage and big white flowers of exceptional perfume. As an evergreen it is only suited to tropical regions as it is not cold tolerant. It is prone to rust disease and sooty mould.

It grows into a very large tree. There are a few rare coloured flower types of Singapore obtusa eg: Mele Pa Bowman (Yellow flowers) Singapore obtusa pink (pink flowers) and a red flowered form which is extremely rare. These three cultivars grow into large trees similar to the typical Singapore obtusa.

There are also several dwarf and semi dwarf Singapore obtusa hybrids in a range of flower colors which are ideal for pots, small spaces, rockeries etc. These cultivars are very beautiful.

Like Singapore obtusa, they are not evergreen during winter in cool climates and are prone to rust disease.

Best P.obtusa hybrids:


Plumeria caracasana and its  hybrids

The Species:  Plumeria caracasana is a beautiful evergreen frangipani with the most ideal qualities for the landscaping and streetscaping industry in tropical, subtropical, mediterranean  climates worldwide.

This species is very cold tolerant, its long graceful and unusual spoon shaped evergreen foliage is completely rust disease free/resistant.

Plumeria caracasana is a medium sized tree with more of an upright and less of a wide spreading shape than other frangipanis. This species has a natural tendency for a long straight trunk with no lower branches - the ideal shape and size for streetscapes and commercial landscapes.


Plumeria caracasana -  cold tolerant and disease resistant

It is a very fast growing tree. The bark is clean and smooth. It is far more cold tolerant and disease resistant than Singapore obtusa, staying evergreen in cooler areas where Singapore obtusa will not.

The pretty medium to large sized star shaped flowers are held in massive bunches with weak to no perfume.


Plumeria caracasana hybrids - the world's best evergreen frangipanis

The Hybrids: Because of these ideal qualities P.caracasana has been used in very recent times to breed what are now undoubtably the world's best evergreen frangipanis.

These new hybrids have all the best qualities of Plumeria caracasana, as for example rust resistance, cold tolerance, longer flowering season, fast growing, ideal shape and size and long graceful evergreen foliage etc.


Plumeria caracasana hybrids  - huge flowers and strong pefume

They are far superior to the species due to their huge flowers, much stronger perfume which now come in a range of colors.

This is the most important breakthrough ever in evergreen frangipani breeding for the Landscape and Nursery industries.


Best Plumeria caracasana hybrids:

The Plumeria caracasana hybrids are the best coloured evergreen frangipani cultivars in the world today.


The new Puditusa hybrids

A very recent and important breeding breakthrough has been the crossing of Plumeria pudica and Plumeria obtusa. These new frangipani types have been developed by Steven Prowse of Sacred Garden Frangipanis. He has named them “Puditusa”. There are now several Puditusa cultivars.

Best puditusa hybrids:


Other colored evergreen frangipanis

There are now rare coloured flower forms of evergreen Plumeria pudica and Plumeria tuberculata which are rust resistant, cold tolerant, dwarf and semi dwarf frangipanis with exceptional perfume and foliage.

Best coloured hybrids:

* Please refer to the Evergreen section of our website for photos and descriptions.


Most cold tolerant Evergreens

Not all evergreen frangipani varieties stay evergreen during winter in the subtropics or cooler regions. The Singapore obtusa & the Dwarf obtusa hybrids and San Germain will drop their foliage in subtropical winters.

After 4 years of growing evergreens outdoors in unprotected regularly frost prone areas we have observed that the following frangipani are highly cold tolerant/frost resistant still keeping their foliage during frequent zero degree temperatures:


COMPACT FRANGIPANIS & the wonderful compact Penang Peach hybrids

Compact  semi dwarf frangipanis with huge flowers in big bunches  growing into natural standards 2m x 2m are now the worlds most exciting new frangipani hybrids. Most are Penang Peach hybrids and now available from Sacred Garden Frangipanis.  

The Plumeria rubra cultivar  "Penang Peach" is an old but relatively rare frangipani in Australia.

cv. Penang Peach is notable for its very compact growth habit and large flowers. This cultivar never exceeds a fully grown height of 2m tall x 3m wide. The leaves are broad and have a distinctive almost rounded shape.


Penang Peach - great breeding potential

Clever frangipani breeders recognised Penang Peach's great breeding potential because so often the taller growing frangipani trees can really only be fully appreciated from a distance, ladder or roof top once they obtain mature size because the flowers end up being well above the eye height of humans.


Great Frangipanis for small backyards

These days backyards are much smaller and room for big trees generally less available. While all frangipanis can be grown in pots most will require regular pruning.

cv. Penang Peach with their low compact growth means that the abundant flowers can be enjoyed at eye and nose level and grown to maturity without the need to keep cutting back.

With this in mind a few highly regarded frangipani breeders have been working with cv Penang Peach to produce an exquisite range of new compact hybrids generally referred to as the Compact frangipanis or Compact types.


Stunning compact Frangipanis

While there are a few very notable new compact types such as cv. Brittney e.g. which are not Penang Peach hybrids, most of the new compact types are bred from Penang Peach and they are stunning!

The most notable breeder who has produced most of today's world class compacts is Jack Ingwersen, an American breeder living and breeding in northern Thailand. All of his best "compacts" are Penang Peach hybrids.


Compact Frangipanis - a rising star in everyone's backyard

The "compacts" will become the most popular of the deciduous frangipanis and I envisage them being extremely popular amongst all gardeners and landscapers in the near future, not just frangipani lovers.

Following is a list of some of the worlds best "compacts" all of which are Penang Peach hybrids with large to huge flowers or flower heads.


Our Penang Peach hybrids

Most of the Penang Peach hybrids flowers are very distinctive in shape with very rounded petals with very little space in between the petals and an unusually large /wide and deep throat. They are perfect, the epitome of very well bred frangipanis:

Please refer to the Compact Semi dwarf frangipani website pages for pics and further info (> click here...).


Other semi dwarf semi compact types available are:

Please refer to dwarf section and evergreen section of our website for more info.


Please Note - For cooler climates where completely rust free and truly evergreen frangipanis are essential the following three frangipanis are very cold hardy and completely rust free evergreens:


With love,

Steven Prowse 

Sacred Garden Frangipanis


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