Frangipani / Plumeria

When buying frangipani plants from Sacred Garden Frangipanis you can be assured that you are buying the true cultivar.


Frangipanis cuttings for sale (rooted)

We sell fully rooted healthy plants as well rooted cuttings or grafted plants.

All are de-leafed and bare rooted with the root balls packed in moist sphagnum moss prior to packing and sending via Australia Post Australia wide.

We send every Monday.

It takes approx 4 weeks for the plants to grow their leaves back and start thriving.


Plant Sizes

All of our frangipani plants are rooted, – either rooted cuttings or grafted - sent out in excellent condition and are very well packed.

The size of the plants sent will vary depending on the variety and stock available at time of purchase. Generally they range in size from 20 cm – 50 cm.

No nurseries offer a refund for healthy plants that leave the nursery in excellent condition and are well packed,- which later die.

Sacred Garden Frangipanis is no different to other nurseries in this regard. Prior to receiving your plants please read the ‘Growing Advice’ page on this website for advice on caring for your plants.


Flower Colours

PLEASE NOTE: Frangipanis are tropical plants. While they grow and flower well in most parts of Australia, the COLOR and even the flower shape MAY NOT ALWAYS be the same as the pics on our website.

Frangipani flowers need a lot of heat to produce their best colors.

Flowers produced in Spring and Autumn are often very different to the flowers of the same variety that are produced in mid Summer. This is common, even in the Tropics!


Advanced Landscaping Specimens

We also offer many of our rare varieties as potted well branched advanced landscaping specimens from Cooktown to Melbourne.

Average height is 2m above top of pots. Email us for advanced plants and freight costs.


WA / TAS customers only:

A minimum plants purchase order of $100.00 is required
+ $40.00 Express postage + $90.00 DPI inspection fee.

All WA & TAS orders need to be sent Express Post and must have a DPI phytosanitary inspection & certificate sent with plants.


All WA/Tas orders over $600.00 receive FOC Express Post and DPI inspection



With our new state of the art, AQIS accredited propagation and growing facility we are now able to export to all countries including Europe and The Middle East.

Overseas enquiries, please > contact us for international postage rates.



We are currently expanding our export distribution and are looking for suitable agents in many parts of the world.

We can offer exclusive agencies for our worlds best frangipani collection. We can offer very discounted wholesale prices for large quantity exports to new agency territories.

Please contact us if interested.

Name a new world class frangipani cultivar in honor of someone you love !

Having a beautiful newly bred world class flower variety named after yourself or a loved one and released worldwide is a very rare honor which perpetuates the namesake throughout time.

As breeders of world class frangipani cultivars, Sacred Garden Frangipanis is now offering our best new hybrids to be named in honor of your loved ones.

We expect approx. 6 only per annum of our best hybrids will be world class and different enough for world release. For AUD $1000.00 you can choose one of our best new unreleased hybrids and name it after the person or organisation of your choice.

You will recieve a Certificate of Authenticity and 2 grafted plants of the new world class hybrid. We will then release the newly named variety via our websites and include a brief dedication to the person or organisation for whom the new variety is named in honor of.

We currently have several as yet unnamed and unreleased exceptional world class Plumeria (frangipani) varieties available.

Please  > contact us for further info or securing naming rights.

Frangipani Seeds

We now offer fresh frangipani seeds collected from our own Sacred Garden collection trees. Mixed seeds from our worlds best cultivars collection.

$12.00 per 20 seeds


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available as well.  $50.00


Abigail (Semi Dwarf)

Abigail is perfect. Everything about this frangipani cultivar displays all the qualities of a perfectly bred frangipani. The beautiful flowers are large with very round and deeply overlapping petals. The petal ends roll back gently so that every flower looks like a pincushion.

Massive flower heads the size of a soccer ball with between 65 -80 flowers per each flower head. The flowers are packed perfectly with  no open spaces between flowers. Excellent perfume. Beautiful soft pink and white pastel colors are soft but strong. The tree itself is very robust and well shaped with compact growth habit.

Everything about this cv. is perfect! Stunning new import from Florida USA.



Aidan Prowse

Named after our 1st born child. This cultivar is exceptional. Medium flowers of deep salmon, burnt orange colour with hot pink petal tips. Foliage is very glossy and dark green.


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Amarons curly white

One of the worlds most beautiful frangipanis due to it's long hanging and twisting petals, its strong pure white and golden yellow colour. A rare classic. Excellent fragrance.

Limited Availability



Andreas apricot

also known as ‘Copper Gold’. Large flowers with moderately overlapping petals. A rare Australian variety. Rich colors ranging from deep reddish orange in hot climates to a beautiful deep golden orange in cooler climates.

Limited Availability



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Arya Regan

New Release 2017/18

Beautiful bright color with excellent perfume. A Sacred Garden Frangipani’s Ban Yen seedling named in honor of Arya Regan McVeigh whose radiance and tenacity of spirit is reflected in these glorious blooms.
Limited release





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