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Sacred Garden Frangipanis - The worlds best evergreen frangipani collection

At Sacred Garden Frangipanis we have placed special emphasis on collecting and breeding the worlds best evergreen frangipanis for the past 8 years. We now have the world's best evergreen frangipani collection.

We believe that the future of frangipanis lie in disease resistant cold tolerant highly perfumed evergreen frangipanis in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, which will be popular worldwide in all climates  for home and streetscaping.

We are very proud of our successes to date in this specialised field and are pleased to be able to now offer by far the world's biggest range of rare beautiful evergreen frangipanis, still with many more exciting new colours to come.

Most cold tolerant Evergreens

Not all evergreen frangipani varieties stay evergreen during winter in the subtropics or cooler regions. The Singapore obtusa and the Dwarf obtusa hybrids and San Germain will drop some of their foliage in subtropical winters.

After 4 years of growing evergreens outdoors in unprotected regularly frost prone areas we have observed that the following frangipani are highly cold tolerant/frost resistant still keeping their foliage during frequent zero degree temperatures:

Plumeria caracasana hybrids

Plumeria caracasana hybrids are awesome. Typically they have very large perfumed flowers, unusually long graceful, frond like evergreen foliage which is completey frangipani rust free or highly rust resistant. They are small trees/large shrubs.

This very rare new group of evergreen frangipanis is far more cold tolerant than the Plumeria obtusa evergreen frangipanis.


We have observed three different degrees of rust immunity in the various rust immune frangipanis: rust resistant, highly rust resistant and rust free

Rust resistant - means that these frangipanis are mostly rust free and rust while usually present in the rust season is minor unless the plant becomes stressed such as in cold wet conditions.

Highly Rust resistant - means that the plants is always almost completely rust free and not at all noticeable unless you closely look for it. A very high degree of rust immunity.

Rust free - means that these plants are completely immune to rust spores and infection with no rust spores to be found on leaves even when searching closely for any signs of rust spore.  

Angel of Love (Evergreen)

Angel of Love is an seriously gorgeous  new Plumeria caracasana hybrid. 

Like all Plumeria caracasana hybrids, Angel of love is highly resistant to frangipani rust. The rust does not appear on the leaves, even when growing next to heavily infected trees of other frangipani varieties.

A fast growing medium sized evergreen tree  with huge graceful frond like foliage and clean smooth white non suckering trunk. It is highly ornamental when not in flower. Flowers are huge and hang from long pendulous stems in huge bunches.

Tree is very heavy flowering  and has the longest flowering season of all frangipanis. More cold tolerant than most plumeria due to its P.caracasana parentage.

The huge 5" flowers are very beautiful,  deep pink, pale pink, yellow and white. Perfume is excellent.

Most popular Frangipani for landscaping

This rare new cultivar is destined to become the most popular landscaping frangipani. Really awesome! Serious WOW factor!  New  limited release.



SG ‘Golden Bouquet’ (Evergreen)

- NEW Release 2016/17 -

Another stunning Plumeria caracasana hybrid. A truly gorgeous rust free tree with huge almost completely golden yellow perfumed flowers in big bunches.

The caracasana hybrids are our favourite frangipanis.

This is the worlds first pure yellow perfumed caracasana hybrid which complements the other worlds best caracasana hybrids – SG Annie Prowse, Pink San Germain, Pink Isabella, Linda Ross & Angel of Love.

Very rare. Very special.

Truly beautiful flowers , foliage and form.


SG Golden Bouquet Plumeria

SG ‘John Stowar’ (Evergreen)

- NEW Release 2016/17 -

A new multi coloured caracasana hybrid of ours. Rust free graceful foliage, beautiful large perfumed, pale pink, dark pink, white and yellow flowers.

Named in honour of John Stowar, a true gentleman,TV personality and co- author of the Australian frangipani book –Frangipani – by John Stowar, Linda Ross and Lorna Rose.

A beautiful caracasana hybrid.


SG John Stowar Plumeria

Kieran Prowse (Evergreen)



Kieran Prowse is an exceptionally beautiful and unique semi dwarf evergreen tree with large 70mm, completely butter yellow flowers and very dark green    glossy foliage. Excellent perfume.

Named after our son Kieran. A Sacred Garden hybrid from P. tuberculata. An upright growing shrub to 2m. Ideal for screens and pots.    Highly rust resistant. Very limited release.



Pink Isabella - Semi Dwarf  Evergreen

Pink Isabella is the second most outstanding pink flowered evergreen in the world today!

A hybrid seedling of  Plumeria caracasana cv/fm "Isabella" with very large 4"  mid pink flowers. The flowers are round petalled and pincushioned shape. Beautiful colour, shape and excellent perfume. Resistant to rust.

Being a P.caracasana hybrid, the tree is medium sized  and upright (apically dominant) in habit with a naturally clean trunk with no lower branches, beautiful smooth greyish green bark and resistant to rust.

Among the Top 4 evergreen streetscape frangipani trees in the world - along with San Germain, Angel of Love and Pink San Germain. 

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis.  Sensational, world first.


Plumeria reminiscent of an orchid flowe

Pink San Germain (Evergreen)


Evergreen, semi dwarf, rust free.  

Amazing! This is by far the worlds best evergreen frangipani!

Pink San Germain has all the exceptional characteristics of her exceptional mother, cv. San Germain, completely rust free, unusually very long graceful evergreen foliage, neat shape, clean smooth bark, no lower branches, exceptionally strong and sweet  perfume and heavy flowering.

Pink San Germain has much bigger flowers in huge bunches. The flowers are a strong deep pure pink. Absolutely my most favourite frangipani.

Ideal for streetscapes /avenues, commercial landscapes where exceptional shape, disease resistance, colour neatness fragrance, drought hardiness and evergreen beautiful foliage is essential.

Sacred Garden Frangipanis is truly honoured to be the only nursery in the world to be given  propagation material of this worlds best frangipani. Bred by our dear friend, and master breeder Dr. Kukiat Tanteeratarm.

Very limited supply. Limits apply.

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis


Pink San Germain

Pudipetala  cv Engel  (Evergreen)

Engel is the German word for Angel. A very apt name because the flowers hang in bunches and look like angels.  The flowers have the same heavenly perfume as P. stenopetala, very much like sweet carnations.   

Engel is the best selection of an extremely rare interspecific cross between P. stenopetala and P. pudica given to us by my dear friend Dr. Kukiat Tanteeratarm, one of the worlds top three frangipani breeders.  

Unlike P. stenopetala which is very drooping in habit and more suited to hanging in stone walls, Engel has the compact upright qualities of P. pudica  and thicker non hanging branches and bigger beautiful shiny lime green leaves.

I consider this new evergreen small tree (to 3. 5m) one of the best evergreen landscaping trees anywhere in the world. Highly rust resistant and very fast growing.

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis



San Germain (aka Saint Germain) (Evergreen)

Richard and Mary Eggenberger, renowned authors of  "The Handbook of Plumeria Culture", regard San Germain  as one of the most outstanding frangipanis from Hawaii!

Along with new cv. Angel of love, Pink San Germain and the classic evergreen Singapore white obtusa, we regard San Germain as the ultimate landscaping frangipani. 

Like cv. Angel of Love, San Germain is a Plumeria caracasana hybrid. A fast growing well shaped medium sized evergreen tree with huge graceful frond like foliage and a clean, white barked, non suckering trunk make this a most beautiful ornamental tree even when not in flower.

The medium sized flowers hang in huge bunches all over the tree. Very long flowering season and cold tolerant. The flowers are  beautiful with a softness about them. AND arguably the best perfume of all the frangipanis

San Germain is completely resistant to frangipani rust disease. even if other frangipani trees next to it are infested with rust, San Germain remains rust free.  - Very rare. Limited release.



SG Annie Prowse (Evergreen)

Evergreen, compact semi dwarf. Rust free.

SG Annie Prowse is a new world class evergreen frangipani of our own breeding, named after my beautiful wife. The flowers are huge at 4-5" with very strong and sweet perfume.

The flowers are very similar to cv. Angel Of Love but have a much stronger perfume.

 A compact shrub 2.5m high x 3m wide.

A Plumeria caracasana x P. obtusa x it is a very robust, very cold tolerant, rust free evergreen. Exceptional small feature tree ideal for landscapers.

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis.  


Sweet Bouquet (Evergreen)

Plumeria caracasana cv. Sweet Bouquet is a gorgeous small tree with huge 4 inch flowers which are highly perfumed. Much bigger flower and stronger perfumed flowers than SG Perfumed Caracasana.

cv. Sweet Bouquet is by far the worlds best perfumed white flowered caracasana. Very special white flowered evergreen. Rust resitant, large long graceful foliage.

The flower petals roll back (reflex) strongly producing cushion shaped flowers which have an unusuallime green tinted bright yellow eye and a very rare lime green centre and throat. A most unusual and beautiful flower.

Very rare imported variety.


Yellowish caracasana (Evergreen)


Evergreen, semi dwarf. Rust free.

Same shape and size large small tree as its sibling hybrid  Angel of Love but with huge 5 inch butter yellow flowers with a touch of pink and strong perfume. More cold tolerant foliage than angel of Love.

Like all of the new generation world's best Plumeria caracasana hybrids she is a very beautiful world class small tree with big graceful leaves which are rust resistant.

Ideal for large pots, small yards and street tree avenue plantings. Fast growing.



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