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(Adenium obesum)

Double and triple flowered (peticoat/rose type) desert roses are still rare in Australia.  Their flowers look just like roses but grow on swollen based ‘Bonsai’ like succulent shrubs - which are highly ornamental and ideal in pots indoors or outdoors.

They are a close relative of frangipanis but generally grow no more than 1 m tall.

They prefer a well drained mix of compost and manure mixed 50/50 with course sand or gravel.

Sacred Garden Frangipanis imported seeds from Thailand’s best breeders and have grown them for several years.

We don’t offer them to our customers unless they have already flowered , therefore We guarantee they are all double and triple flower types.


Because the plants are seedlings, EVERY plant has unique and  different flowers.... therefore we only offer these rare plants as unique mixed colors.


Each plant will be a guaranteed double /triple flower type with it’s own unique color/pattern.

Mostly they are black reds, bright reds, pinks, and pink and white stripes, occasionally a double/triple pure white - if/when available.



Our plants are already 3 –4 yrs of age, have already flowered, with nice ‘bulbous’ bases and AT LEAST 200 mm tall minimum.



Keep the bulbous ’bonsai’ stem above the pot/ground with only the bottom half of the roots planted beneath the soil/potting mix.

Keep in semi shade until new leaves have fully formed, then move slowly into full sun if required.

*Please also refer to the ‘GROWING ADVICE’ page on this website re best potting mix etc.


Desert Roses


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Desert Roses


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