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At Sacred garden our other love and speciality is Angel's Trumpets (Brugmansia spp /hybrids). We are Australia's longest running specialist breeders and growers of these stunning plants. Until recently only a few pale coloured common varieties were available in Australia.

Steven Prowse, the owner and founder of Sacred Garden Brugmansia's is Australia's pioneer Angel's Trumpets breeder and nurseryman. His private work with Brugmansia's over the past 20 years has sparked a renaissance and renewed interest in these spectacular plants.

We have the largest collection of Angel's Trumpets in Australia and continue our work....breeding better Brugs....


Superior Angel's Trumpets - large flowers and heavenly perfume

Please note: Not all Angel's Trumpets are perfumed. Some like B. sanguinea have small flowers and no scent. Our customers can rest assured that all of the varieties we offer have large flowers and strong, sweet and heavenly perfume.

After seven years of breeding, growing from seeds and selection work, we have now released in limited quantities our unique and rare selection of Sacred Garden Brugmansia / Angel's Trumpets. Angel's Trumpets have huge, divinely scented flowers which release their perfume at night. They flower all year round in the Tropics; spring, summer and autumn in the subtropics and late spring and summer in the cooler climates.

Our rare cultivars are highly prized for their stunning masses of flowers, colours and perfume. Our breeding program continues.

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Angel's Trumpets Are Safe to Handle

In the past there has been negative publicity focused on these plants. This is because some people smoked parts of these plants. However, handling Angel's Trumpets is completely safe. No accidental poisonings from this plant have ever been recorded.

A warning to our customers: Avoid fake "new" varieties

Please note: recently we have become aware that there is a relatively new Angels trumpets nursery which mislead us into selling them some of our  own varieties and is now selling them under different names without our permission.

This could easily mislead Angels trumpets collectors into thinking that this nursery is stocking and selling different varieties than ours. Please be careful. We still have by far the biggest and best range of Angels trumpets in Australasia. 


Angel's Trumpets Catalog

Aztec Gold

A strong pure lemon yellow flower. Very heavy flowerer, highly scented. Flowers hang vertically. This was our first breed to be released about three years ago.


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Bengal Tiger

One of our newest hybrids offered now for the first time. Limited release. This new Sacred Garden Brugmansia hybrid is sensational! Hundreds of highly scented vertically hanging flowers in two different colours on plant at all times.

A unique variety. Flower colours are white or a soft pastel orange. The contrast is stunning! Like panther, these flowers have unusually long whiskers.


Brugmansia, Angel's Trumpets
Brugmansia, Angel's Trumpets

Brilliant Orange

Stunning, pure, deep orange flowers the colour of orange juice concentrate. Beautiful shape. One of our best breeds! Nodding flowers hang at 45 degrees.


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Burnt Gold

Burnt Gold is the darkest gold Angels trumpet I have seen. It is so golden that it is almost orange! A big beautiful flower. Heavy flowerer.




Clementine is gorgeous. The first of many colored doubles that we can now offer! Deep golden yellow colour, beautifully frilly double flowers which hang vertically. Heavy flowerer, exquisite perfume. Very rare!



Buy Angel's Trumpets from Australia


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